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Friday, 8 August, 2014


The question arises, is it possible to do business for the next 10 years; without destroying my family's last 2 decade's accumulated wealth and goodwill? 

Is our option?

1. Better house, electricity, flowing water, Speedier internet or

2. Inventory Finance or

3. Online purchasing, sales, accounting, inventory customer relation management software or

4. Mobile app for all this management in one place or

5. Personal swimming pool or

6. Comfortable and peaceful life or

7. All of the above

Than a eKaarya®  Franchise may be good option for us.


1. What is franchise?

Enabling someone to carry out specific activities which will lead towards some common goal, mission or target with certain predetermined rules and commitments.

It may be earning profit by system, earning peace of mind, earning free time to pursue hobbies.

It may be participation in some political, social, economical evolution etc

2. What is business?

Business is continuous involvement of oneself physically to get the intended results in some line of intended work, line of activities, occupation, profession, career, employment, job, position, pursuit, vocation, calling, field, sphere, walk of life, trade or trading, craft; commerce, buying and selling, dealing, trafficking, marketing, merchandising, bargaining; transactions, negotiations, proceeding a path

3. What is the difference in between franchise and business?

By simple example franchise is a bullet triggered by gun where is business is bullet in our arsenal.

Triggered bullet has some specific mission to perform within a specified time span while bullet in arsenal could be put for billions of years without contributing something great.

We can have another example

At the time of election, political party allocate tickets to someone to fight on the party symbol is franchise.

While making rallies or any such activities are just business

4. How I can become owner of a business?

By just intending to do anything and doing or trying consistently this; we will be recognized as a business owner just like any politician.

5. How I can become owner of a franchise business?

By selecting some territory of human population, some specific line of evolution in that territory like food, fashion, life style in other words Roti, Kapada or Makan and buying symbol for that territory for a time frame.

6. Which is the right time to start a franchise business?

See human race continuously evolving from pre historic era of hunter gatherer to agrarian to current apple or IT n media revolution.

This is like a circularly running train we can pick it up when it is in front of us and alight when our predetermined destination arrived.

In other words we have to decide our time frame for some particular evolution, pick it up right now otherwise the train of era will go forward beyond our reach.

How much time required reaching at the pinnacle of our line of business?

Here are some questions, we can ask ourselves, before moving forward

1. Where should I start my franchise business?

2. Why someone prefers a place of franchise business?

3. What is the cost to start a franchise business?

4. What are the risks in starting a business?

5. How much investment one business need?

This quick questionnaire will help us diagnose, answers of above questions; for you.

भारत सरकार Government of India


Trade Marks Registry Certificate No.: 1989174 

Trade Marks Act, 1999

 Certificate of Registration of Trade Mark, Section 23 (2), Rule 56 (1) 

Trade Mark No. 2842051  Date 12/11/2014   j. No. 1848  

Certified that Trade Mark / a representation is annexed hereto, has been registered in the name(s) of:- 

AJAY SAXENA, B-1, Omkar Coop. Hsg. Soc. Limited, Plot 90, Sector 29, Agroli Belapur; Navi Mumbai -400614, Maharashtra, 

Proprietor, Trading as : EKAARYA, SERVICE PROVIDER, (Single Firm) 

In Class 35 Under No. 2842051 as of the date 12 November 2014 in respect of  


Marketing And Promotional Services,

Online advertising on a Computer Network,


Trade Show And Exhibition Services,

Marketing And Promotional Material,

Import-Export agencies,

Retail And Wholesale Services,

Market Research,

Professional Business Consultancy,

Cost Price Analysis,

Commercial Information And Advice For Consumers,

Commercial Trading And Consumer Information Services,

Providing Business Information Via A Website"

Sealed at my direction, this 20 th day of September , 2018 

Registrar of Trademarks 


By taking any of the eKaarya® franchises you also get scholarships for your kids to study in some of the international institutes of repute. 

We does


Marketing And Promotional Services, 

Online advertising on a Computer Network, 


Trade Show And Exhibition Services, 

Marketing And Promotional Material, 

Import-Export agencies, 

Retail And Wholesale Services, 

Market Research, 

Professional Business Consultancy, 

Cost Price Analysis, 

Commercial Information And Advice For Consumers, 

Commercial Trading And Consumer Information Services, 

Providing Business Information Via A Website